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Health Measures And Hygiene


Committed to the safety of our guests and collaborators, at Casa Maya we have implemented various precautionary measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection. All our staff has been trained on the prevention and hygiene measures established by the Ministry of Health to provide you with a safe and high-quality service.

Following the requirements of the governments of the United States, Canada, and Brazil; Hotel Casa Maya in alliance with Sky Lab Hospital will be offering PCR tests for SARS and SARS Antigen with preferential prices.

Sky Lab will provide sampling, collection and registration for CoV2 test service, for our guest that may require it.

The service could be provided at the Laboratory or at the Hotel Casa Maya as you prefer, we will assign a sanitized area with all the right procedures for the sampling collection. On a schedule from 08:00 to 17:00 hrs. from Monday to Sunday.

To ensure a better service, it is important to Schedule your appointment before you arrival or upon check-in at the latest. Payment must be cash only in MXN pesos or USD dollars.

You can schedule your appointment by a Whatsapp message at 998 440 3302 or an email at [email protected], with your Name, Date, Place; mention the room #, if you requested service at the hotel, Type of test and Patient’s phone number.

Make sure to make an appointment per guest.For further information please contact us at 998 881 05 00.


- A sanitary filter and symptomatology questionnaire are carried out at the hotel accesses to guests, employees, and suppliers.
- Personnel are checked to ensure that they are wearing their protective equipment according to their area. Body temperature is taken. Shoes and hands are disinfected.


- Upon arrival at the hotel, each piece of luggage is disinfected by bellboys before being stored.
- At the front desk you will find a protective acrylic sheet to avoid direct contact. Also, social distancing is being implemented during check-in with marks on the floor.
-Lobby staff uses mouth covers according to established hygiene protocols.
-Room keys are disinfected before and after delivery.


- Seating capacity has been reduced to guarantee a 6 ft. separation between the back of the chairs, and a distance of 3 ft between them and any existing physical barrier (walls, service bars).
- An assisted buffet has been implemented to respect the social distancing between guests.
- When the service is finished, all the furniture and articles used by the guest at the table are cleaned and disinfected.


- In the public areas, pool, rest and beach furniture has been distributed in such a way as to guarantee a physical separation of at least 6 ft. between users; they are also cleaned twice as often as usual to reinforce sanitation.
- Guests are provided with liquid soap in the showers for better hygiene in the pools.


-We add disinfectant wipes and 70% anti-bacterial gel to our room amenities.

-Cleaning and disinfection programs are carried out twice as often, as usual, using chemical products endorsed by national and international organizations.

-Improved technologies have been incorporated for surface disinfection, such as electrostatic sprayers, ozone equipment, hydrogen peroxide equipment, which contemplate surface disinfection. All contact surfaces such as handles, switches, remote controls, telephones, and furniture, in general, are cleaned with special care.

-When the guest leaves the room, all toiletries are removed and replaced. Once the room has been cleaned and disinfected, the entrance of any person is restricted until the room is occupied by a guest.